Our Love for Baking

Pastries and Prints is a home-based pastry business supported by the Texas Cottage Food Law. Founded in 2012, our company is a mother-daughter based establishment that utilizes the skills of three generational women who came together for the love of art and baking. Some of our most precious memories have been created in the kitchen where you can see how we women function, arguing one second and laughing and crying the next. No matter what hurdle comes our way we get through it by whipping up a batter to fill our tummy’s of sweet delightful treats, generating stories for us to tell the next generation that comes along.

We have been blessed to find our passion and we wanted to translate it into a business where we could contribute our love for art and baking into a company that could share in our joy. We make memories and pastries that will hopefully add a touch of love to your upcoming events and celebrations

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